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A Guide to Wild Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar is a unique book that brings together the history of exploration of the Iberian Peninsula in the 19th Century with the current state of its wild places and wildlife. The authors re-trace the footsteps taken by British naturalists based in Gibraltar and Jerez over a hundred years ago. They explore the length and breadth of the peninsula, from the Strait of Gibraltar in the south to the Pyrenees in the north, and also take in the islands.


This exquisitely illustrated book is intended for all those with an interest in the natural history of Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. It tells the reader where to go to find particular species and to witness natural phenomena like the migration of birds of prey. But it also tells how this has changed, often for the worse, but happily sometimes also for the better.


In essence, A Guide to Wild Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar is a 21st Century snapshot of one of Europe's ecologically richest lands.